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Viking Chase Incursion

  • $30 per child

  • Minimum 30 Children

  • High Engagement activity

  • Full Day Session

Embark on an epic Viking adventure with our thrilling Viking Chase game! Imagine a blend of 'Tag' and exciting challenges as children compete in teams to uncover the hidden Viking treasure. But beware! Vikings lurk in the bushes, ready to catch unsuspecting teams.


If caught, teams must visit the witch for a cure before continuing their quest. Get ready for heart-pounding fun and strategic game in a quest for glory and treasure!

Child difficulty level: Medium

Staff engagement level: High
Educator – child interaction: High


  • One free location visit and onsite consultation. *(additional charge may incur)

  • Complete planning and preparation.

  • Set up and pack up on the day.

  • Two sessions à 2 hours.

  • Material and resources provided. (tables and chairs excl.)

  • Free phone support.

  • Standard incursion introduction package for staff.

  • Tenggrenplay risk benefit assessment.



  • 1 hour Incursion run through with staff leading up to vacation care.
    $55* (subject to change)


Prepare for an epic Viking Chase adventure like no other! Half of your staff will oversee the “challenge stations” scattered around the designated area. These stations are safe zones where children can complete challenges without fear of capture.


Meanwhile, the other half of the staff transforms into fierce Viking hunters, tasked with capturing the children. If caught, a child will be marked with an 'x' on their hand and must seek out the old witch for a cure before continuing with the challenges.


Join us for a thrilling day of strategy, teamwork, and excitement as we embark on a Viking-inspired adventure like no other!



  • Your service area will need to consist of an environment that allows for enough space for the children to engage in the activity as well as be supervised.


  • Tenggrenplay will provide you with the majority of material and resources needed for the incursion.



The Viking activity is a thrilling game of tag in essence which is universally known to be a basic play instinct for children.


The children will be working in teams where they are all dependent on each other and have to help one and other in order to make it to the end.


The Viking Chase goes back to 90's at camp where it was a standard activity every year. You ask any Swedish child who went to camp in the 90’s if this activity was planned for them and they will say YES!


Tenggrenplay has continued delivering this activity throughout her career in Sweden and is now offering it to Australian services.

Photos of the day

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