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What is Tenggrenplay?

Tenggrenplay started as an initiative by

Maria Tenggren to get conversations going about

how we used to play when we were young and how we can bring some of it back to our children today. 

Maria has been actively working to provide children with meaningful free time since the age of 15,

starting in a Swedish Non-Profit Children

and Youth Organisation. 


She is a former After-School Care Educational Leader

and Assistant Coordinator and is currently working

as a Playworker at Camp Hill After School Care. 

Image by Annie Spratt

Playwork Foundation

Tenggrenplay is based on the Playwork theory.


Playwork is the work of creating and maintaining spaces for children to play. The theory and practice of playwork recognises that children's play should ideally be "freely chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated.

Our Mission

Tenggrenplay is passionate and determined to create spaces, opportunities, and access for children to play freely, without adult agendas or intervention in an environment that allows them to challenge themselves, take risks and develop skills they need to be independent and confident 

Image by Annie Spratt
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