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What is Tenggrenplay?

At Tenggrenplay, play isn't just a passion—it's the mission. With over 15 years of experience creating games, resources, and unforgettable experiences in various capacities, Tenggrenplay is ready to ignite the spirit of play in everyone we meet.

Drawing inspiration from Swedish culture, tradition, OSHC models, and a wealth of professional and non-profit experience with children, we're here to share our most successful activities with you.

Tenggrenplay functions as more than an OSHC consultancy; we're your partner in creating vibrant and engaging vacation care incursions, providing online play resources, and offering full assistance in setting up a Playshed at your service.

Whether you need an activity organized or simply want to play, Tenggrenplay is your number one go-to. — make it yours too!


Swinging in Rubber Tire

The Swedish Way

When you book with Tenggrenplay, the planning is out of your hands—we take care of everything! From the moment you choose us, you can sit back and relax as we handle the details.

Our process begins with a visit to your service, allowing us to get a firsthand understanding of the environment. Following this, we offer a free-of-charge meeting where we present you with options tailored to your setup, routine, and resources.


Our goal is to ensure that the activities we recommend seamlessly integrate into your existing framework, enhancing the overall experience for children and educators alike.

Experience the ease and convenience of working with Tenggrenplay.


Let us take the reins and create unforgettable moments for your service!

Our mission

At Tenggrenplay, our mission is clear: to give children better play experiences. We firmly believe that adults bear the responsibility for shaping the space, time frames, options, and opportunities that children have when they play—a responsibility that we take very seriously.

This responsibility extends beyond just providing a play environment; it encompasses fostering mental, physical, and social development in children. Through our service options and consultancy, we aim to empower more OSHC services and schools to implement play environments, activities, and opportunities that truly benefit children's holistic growth.

Join us in creating play environments that inspire creativity, promote healthy development, and bring joy to every child's experience. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of children through the power of play.

Image by Markus Spiske
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