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Village Day Incursion

  • $45 per child

  • Minimum 40 Children

  • High Engagement activity

  • Full Day Session

Step into a new world of imagination with our Village Day experience! Children embark on a journey where they take on the roles of grown-ups, exploring professions, managing finances, and engaging in a range of activities. From working in different establishments like the church, court, general store, and casino, to experiencing life milestones such as adoption, marriage, and divorce, our interactive incursion offers a unique blend of education, fun and narrative play.

Child difficulty level: Medium

Staff engagement level: High
Educator – child interaction: High

FULL DAY INCURSION | $45 per child
*Minimum 50 children

  • One free location visit and onsite consultation. * (additional charge may incur)

  • Complete planning and preparation.

  • Partial set up and pack up on the day.

  • Session runs from 10.00 to 15.00. (incl. Lunch breaks)

  • Material and resources provided. (tables and chairs excl.)

  • Free phone support for any inquiries or assistance

  • Standard incursion introduction package for staff.

  • Tenggrenplay risk benefit assessment



  • 1 hour Incursion run through with staff leading up to vacation care.
    $55* (subject to change)


Step into a new world of imagination with our Village Day experience! Children will encounter a dynamic setting where our staff takes on roles in various establishments, including a church, court, casino, beauty parlour, restaurant, and police officers' station. Participants will have the opportunity to: Get a job at one of the establishments; Get married and adopt children; Apply for business licenses and start their own ventures; Earn currency to buy food and other essentials.


Throughout the day, children will immerse themselves in this interactive world, learning valuable life skills while having fun. Currency is issued to all participants, with options to spend wisely or save for future endeavours. Afternoon tea is served at the restaurant. In case of need, the church offers shelter and sustenance with apples and bread.



  • This incursion requires a larger space with different rooms and areas available.

  • This incursion requires you to be able to be flexible with your vacation care routine as it is one of the larger incursion activities. For example, afternoon tea will be a part of the activity.


  • Tenggrenplay will provide you with the majority of material and resources needed for the incursion.

  • Any other resources will be discussed at the initial meeting after the location visit.


This incursion creates space and opportunity for children to explore their natural play drives.


The Village Day invites children to engage in tribal play, where they create gangs, clubs, groups, and engage in trade. Kids delve into mastery and pastoral play, exploring activities like gardening, playing house, running cafes, shops, or farms. This hands-on experience fosters creativity, responsibility, and a deeper connection the world of which the children are a part of.

This collaborative and imaginative play promotes teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.


And here's a huge plus: our educators will have a blast too!



Village day is an activity that by miles has been the most popular activity among children in Tenggrenplay experience. It dates back to the 90’s where Tenggrenplay took part as a child herself, to delivering the day for kids at Sumer camp, to its first trial Australia in 2023 which was a huge success.

Photos of the day

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