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Prisoners of OSHC Incursion

  • Medium Engagement activity

  • Full Day Session

  • $30 per child

  • Minimum 30 Children

Dive into the excitement of our Prisoner of OSHC experience! Gather your wits as you collect keys, solve riddles, and uncover clues that lead to the ultimate treasure. Each key unlocks a clue for the final puzzle.


Your staff will take on roles such as running the challenges, group leaders, and as the enigmatic 'Fader Farah,' the riddle master whom children must seek out for crucial clues. Prepare for an exhilarating journey of mystery, teamwork, and discovery!

Child difficulty level: Medium

Staff engagement level: Medium
Educator – child interaction: Medium


  • One free location visit and onsite consultation. *(additional charge may incur)

  • Complete planning and preparation.

  • Set up and pack up on the day.

  • Two sessions à two hours.

  • Material and resources provided. (tables and chairs excl.)

  • Free phone support.

  • Standard incursion introduction package for staff.

  • Tenggrenplay risk benefit assessment.



  • 1 hour Incursion run through with staff leading up to vacation care.
    $55* (subject to change)


Embark on an exhilarating adventure filled with challenges and riddles! Your space is transformed into a field of challenges and minute-to-win-it games, each designed to test and thrill participants while they attempt to collect keys vital for to find the treasure.


Staff members play pivotal roles as they manage stations, lead groups, or take on the role as "Fader Farah," the enigmatic riddle master whom children must seek out for crucial clues.


But beware! Failure to complete a challenge within the allotted time lands a child in "prison," requiring team members to continue on their quest and attempt a daring rescue later.


Each key earned throughout the adventure unlocks a clue for the final riddle, leading to the ultimate treasure. Get ready for an immersive experience of strategy, teamwork, and excitement as we journey together in search of hidden riches!



  • Your service area will need to consist of an area that allows for enough space for the children to engage in the activity as well as be supervised.


  • Tenggrenplay will provide you with the majority of material and resources needed for the incursion.

  • Any other resources will be discussed at the initial meeting after the location visit.



Prisoners of OSHC puts teamwork and cooperation to the test! Children will work together, developing a deep understanding of time frames and when to persevere and when to adjust their strategies.


Each challenge and riddle requires the collective effort of all team members. Without each member's contribution, the team will not progress toward the treasure. This dynamic encourages children to communicate effectively, strategize collaboratively, and appreciate the value of each individual's role in achieving shared goals.


Prisoners of OSHC is inspired by a Swedish TV-show where contestants compete in teams to find keys in different rooms at abandoned fortress in France.


Developed into a children’s activity in 2005 and reinvented again in 2023, Tenggrenplay can now offer it to services in Brisbane.

Photos of the day

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