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Playshed Australia

Introducing Playshed Australia: Empowering Children, Building Community

A Playshed (lekotek, rastod) is a standard practice at most OSHC in Sweden, serving as a focal point and central hub with a strong community foundation.


At Tenggrenplay, we believe that a Playshed belongs to the children. It's theirs to run and maintain, with the guidance and support of educators.

In 2022, Tenggrenplay successfully established the first Playshed in Australia at Camp Hill OSHC. Now, we're excited to assist other services in setting up their Playshed, empowering children and fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Join the Playshed Australia movement today and create a space where children thrive, play, and learn together in a community-driven environment!

Create trust, consistency, possibilities, and flexibility 
[QA3 – The physical environment]

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