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Image by Annie Spratt


Play the Swedish way

Why Tenggrenplay?

Tenggrenplay is not your ordinary incursion company. 

When you book with us you choose an a activity that fills your entire day. Forget about the 1.5 hour incursion you've done before.

We offer your service customised vacation care incursion activities guaranteed to keep your kids busy and engaged througout the day.

We want vacation care to be asexciting and interactive for children as possible. The extra work on our end, make the little ones leisure time that more meaingful. 

Read more about who we are and what we do.

Customised incursion activities guaranteed to keep your kids busy all day.

All vacation care activities are based on years of practice and trials. Tenggrenplay has been around children in different capacities since 2005 and has collected as vast inventory of games and activities that are failsafe.

Want to set up your own Playshed at your service? Tenggrenplay will help you through the whole process.  

A Playshed contributes to your increased accountability and responsibility among your children as well as ownership over their own environment. 

With our online resources, you can purchase games and actitivies that can easily be done in your back yard, the local park, at a party or at your OSHC services

Range varies from simple scavenger hunts, to themed days and traditional Swedish party games

A Swedish OSHC model


Image by Annie Spratt

How does Tenggrenplay Incursions work?


Say Hi

Browse our website, look around, but don't take too loong. Give us a call or send us an email if you're thinking of giving tenggrenplay a go!

Once we here from you, we can begin talking options and fun ideas that would suits your service.


Service Visit

In order to plan a successful incursion for your kids, we have to see your space, set up, your and resource inventory. Upon making a booking, Tenggrenplay comes to your service for a free of charge location assessment followed by a consultation meeting.


Incursion Day

Tenggrenplay is now in full mode organising to make this your best incursion you've ever had. You've told us what you want, now sit back, enjoy and give yours  kids the full interactive experience on the day of the incursion. 

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